ATKA warranty


Atka embodies the spirit of adventure, inspired by the remote Alaskan island of the same name. Atka outdoor travel essentials are tough, reliable and ready for your next trip to the most remote corners of the globe.


The Atka range includes compasses to guide you in the wilderness, dry bags to keep your valuables dry during your wet adventures, and binoculars to spot anything while out exploring. Our camping and survival essentials include drop sheets, emergency blankets, emergency mirrors, pocket chain saws and folding shovels.


The Atka range of outdoor travel accessories are the perfect addition to any traveller. Whether you’re a seasoned globe trotter, or the novice camper looking to experience the great outdoors, you can rely on Atka gear to help you reach your next destination.


The Chinese “South Pointing Spoon”, one of the first forms of the compass, pointed south (as its name suggests). The South Point Fish, which was used for navigation, did the same.