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The original Picquic concept appeared on A.M. (Mac) McKenzie’s drawing board in 1984. Mac, whose life long career was flying, said of his inventive nature: “when I flew aeroplanes in those days, I was either scared stiff or bored to tears, so I had a lot of time to think.”

Due also to his career, Mac’s life depended on the equipment he flew. This meant he had no patience or interest in things that would break. So when his old fashioned, hollow handled multi tip screwdriver broke (the kind with the screw off cap that gets lost or broken, then loses its bits) he decided to fix the problem once and for all…

Some time later, patent and prototype in hand, Mac made his best effort to license the invention to an established Canadian multi bit screwdriver company. The royalty offered to Mac was unfair, so he decided to license the invention to his son Paul and his business partner. In 1987, P.R. Innovations Inc. was formed, now called Picquic Tool Company Inc. The company set about the task of further developing the concept of the ‘Picquic’.

In August 1988, the first Picquic Sixpac came out of the mould. It didn’t break or lose its bits! The design was an instant hit and the Sixpac soon became the dominant Canadian Multi on the market. The company worked day and night to keep up with demand.

At Picquic our primary goal has been to provide a product that is better than high-quality single blade screwdrivers, while combining the convenience of multiple bits in one handle. Our objective is to put the right bits in the right handle, instead of burdening the customer with numerous bits that aren’t always needed. Our product is made with the highest-grade materials and with great attention to detail to ensure consistently superior and long-lasting products. We use modern manufacturing processes in order to keep our products affordable for everyone who appreciates honest quality combined with true functionality.

Our mission is to provide all people from all walks of life with tools that save time, save money and are built to last a long time. We consider it our responsibility to render products with long life to avoid taxing the environment.

Our commitment with product development is to design and manufacture products that solve particular problems or make tasks easier for people, and make them affordable without sacrifice to quality or product longevity. We believe that by maintaining the manufacture and design of our products in house, Picquic will become a trusted name as a supplier of unique, innovative and most importantly, useful products. The relationships we maintain with trade customers, suppliers, employees and consumers are all of equal importance to us, and it is our belief that prosperity and responsible corporate growth will come naturally as a result of this goodwill.


Picquic tools, having been around since 1988, and have been #1 in their field in Canada for many years now.

In 1991, the success of the original Sixpac became recognized in the U.S. by winning The Popular Mechanics Magazine’s Design and Engineering Award.Also in 91, a new Picquic was born. The STUBBY was a short version of the design that allowed for working in tight spots.

At Picquic Tool Company, we believe that a lot more people need to make things properly instead of just selling ‘stuff’.