Diamond Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener

R 185.00

KitchenIQ’s Diamond Deluxe Edge Grip™ 2-Stage Knife Sharpener is lightweight, portable and easy to use on either a flat surface or the edge of your countertop or table. Diamond-coated rods and crossed ceramic blades feature pre-set sharpening angles that provide the proper sharpening angle every time. Diamond-coated rods (coarse) provide quick edge-setting capabilities and the ceramic blades (fine) are used for the final edge honing. These two stages offer the capability to put a razor-sharp edge on very dull or damaged blades and touch-up already sharp blades. It comes with non-slip rubber feet and a soft-grip rubber handle for comfort and steadiness when sharpening. The patented design allows for added stability and comfort when using the sharpener on the edge of your countertop or table.

Blade Guide:

Straight Edge Blades: YES
Serrated Edge Blades: YES
Household Scissors: NO

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