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WIN an action packed MTB weekend in MEXICO!


Ledlenser, together with PRO team rider Darren Berrecloth, have launched their ‘CATCH YOUR PERFECT MOMENT!’ mountain bike campaign for the XEO19R headlamp today!

Darren is regarded as being one of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world. Together with Ledlenser, he wants to inspire mountain bikers to experience and record their perfect moment during their downhill rides after dark. Mountain biking enthusiasts will be encouraged to share these perfect moments on the dedicated landing page for the competition (

A five member jury will select their top 30 perfect moments from all entries sent in by 3 November 2016. Mountain bikers from all over the world can then vote for their favourite from this list!

Eight final winners can look forward to four action packed days with Darren Berrecloth and Julia Hoffman exploring the area around Mascota, Mexico!

The members of the jury are:
- Darren Berrecloth (PRO team rider)
- Julia Hoffmann (PRO team rider)
- Christian Schulte (Marketing Director, Ledlenser)
- Holger Feist (CEO & Founder, EVOC)
- Scott Hart (International journalist)

For more information on how to take part, go to:

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