Upgraded MH Range

New features and colours for the MH4 and MH8 hunting and fishing headlamps

June 2020: Ledlenser, the German-based lighting specialist, is giving its MH range of headlamps for hunters and anglers a comprehensive feature and colour upgrade. The MH4 will be rechargeable in future and will be equipped with the practical Magnetic Charge System. In addition, it will also sport a red light feature to maintain night vision. The MH4 and MH8 will be newly available in camouflage and black in 2020. All innovations are based on extensive customer feedback. Ledlenser is also presenting the Powercase as a practical accessory that enables the headlamps to be carried safely and, at the same time, offers the option of charging them during transport.

The popular MH4 headlamp has undergone a major upgrade with updated features for 2020. In future it will be supplied with a rechargeable battery and will be equipped with the Magnetic Charge System, which enables convenient charging via magnetic contact without having to remove the battery from the lamp. The additional red LED light on the front side is another new feature, e.g. for maintaining night vision, and will appeal to demanding users in the hunting and fishing communities. Frequent travellers to remote regions will also appreciate being able to operate the MH4 with a standard AA battery. With a light output of 400 lumens, the MH4 achieves lighting ranges of up to 180 metres; optionally, the low-power mode achieves a lighting range of 40 metres with 20 lumens of light output. The MH4 is seamlessly focusable thanks to its Advanced Focus System. The lamp head can be easily clipped off and flexibly attached with the integrated metal clip. At 94 grams, the MH4 is a true lightweight and the ideal outdoor all-rounder for anglers and hunters.

Upgraded MH Range

The new Ledlenser Powercase is a transport box and power bank in one: the elegant textile pouch enables the head torch to be securely transported. At the same time, the transported headlamp can be conveniently charged using the integrated Magnetic Charge System. The battery has a 5.000 mAh capacity. In addition to the integrated charging of the compatible MH4 and MH8 headlamps, the Powercase also offers the practical option of being able to charge other electronic devices via the external USB port.

Upgraded MH Range

The MH8 is aimed at demanding users who want to have sufficient power reserves for various applications. In addition to a light output of 400 lumens and a lighting range of up to 180 metres, it features an additional Boost mode that can temporarily provide up to 600 lumens and a lighting range of up to 200 metres. The MH8 also offers two further dimming levels and a Blink function. An additional RGB LED provides light, e.g. for game observation, in red, green and blue, and rounds off the extensive equipment package together with the Advanced Focus System. The MH8 is also charged with the practical Magnetic Charge System and can optionally be operated with conventional AA batteries. As with the other MH models, the MH8’s lamp head can also be removed and thus offers a wide range of applications as a handheld torch. The transportation lock prevents the lamp from being turned on inadvertently while in the backpack waiting to be used. The additional strap on the headband, which runs over the head, increases stability, but can also be easily removed at any time.


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