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Solingen/Munich, January 2019: The Solingen-based light specialist maintains its commitment in the trail running scene and will remain principal sponsor of the international Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour until 2020. First presented in South Africa in 2013, the film tour is meanwhile a global event. The film tour presents a selection of the best trail and ultra-run films in the original version. Premiere of the new film tour is on 23 January in the USA.

“We are convinced that the enthusiasm for trail running will continue to grow also in the coming years. For this reason, we have extended our partnership as principal sponsor of the Trails in Motion Film Tour by another two years to 2020. Our aim is to offer running communities across the globe inspiration and motivation for new running adventures by way of local screenings,” Silke Hemminger explains, Sports Marketing Manager Ledlenser. This view is also confirmed by the development of the film tour’s audience figures. Launched in South Africa in 2013, by 2018 the film tour was already attended by 30,000 guests in 30 countries. Ledlenser has been the principal sponsor of the film tour since 2017.

Ledlenser also uses the film tour to activate retailers, Hemminger says. “We support our retailers in organising a screening of the film tour for their community. Together with the headlamp run, this ensures a great experience for enthusiastic runners whilst at the same time strengthening the relationship between running community, retailer and our brand.”

James Hallett, World Tour Director: “Our aim is not only to raise awareness of trail running films. Rather, it’s about creating a unique community experience for the thousands of people who take part in the events all across the globe.” The world premiere of the 7th Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour will take place on 23 January 2019 in the USA with 3 consecutive events in Boulder (Colorado), New York City and Redwood City (California). The flexible concept allows a wide range of possible screening venues: Whether retailers, running clubs, individual persons or event organisers – films can be screened anywhere subject to prior registration. The licence fees are levied depending on the size of the venue.

In Germany, Austria and South Tyrol, as of this year, Markus Eigentler from Alp-Con has been responsible for organising cinema screenings. “With the Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour, we expand our portfolio of the best bike, mountain and snow films to now include trail running,” Eigentler says. The Alp-Con Cinema Tour is meanwhile shown in over 60 cinemas.

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