Natural light colours for reliable working

LedLenser CRI

CRI lamps from Ledlenser offer significantly improved light properties compared to conventional LED luminaires.

Solingen, June 2020 – Bright torches or headlamps are indispensable for many areas of work. In terms of colour rendering, the light of an LED luminaire usually differs greatly from the natural light of the sun or even that of a light bulb. This has to do with the fact that this artificial light does not contain all spectral colours. In most cases, it is easy to accept that the colour of the illuminated objects is not reproduced one hundred per cent true to life. For some activities, however, natural light is very important in order to be able to work accurately and faultlessly. If the light is similar to daylight, you can work longer under artificial lighting without tiring your eyes. The Solingen-based company Ledlenser has developed CRI lamps precisely for this purpose.

CRI is the abbreviation for “Colour Rendering Index”. This index describes how naturally the colour of an object is represented under light and is an important quality feature of artificial light. The ideal reference value is sunlight with a CRI of 100. Ledlenser’s CRI lamps have a value of 90 – in contrast to CRI 70 for a “normal” cold white LED lamp.

Many workers in the industrial and craft sectors need lamps with natural light. High precision is particularly important during testing. Weak points can be made more visible with CRI lamps. This applies, for example, to mechanical and plant engineering, especially to pressure equipment and steel piping. During the visual inspection of welds, impermissible oxidation layers, which can lead to rust in the long term, can be detected much better. In the transport sector, CRI lamps are used for the safety inspection of bridges, the maintenance of trains and aircraft or in the automotive industry for vehicle inspections or paintwork. Natural light helps electricians to distinguish between coloured cables and wires.

CRI lamps are also used in medicine. This is confirmed, for example, by the members of Medical Crew. The Allgäu company provides medical care at numerous renowned sporting events, such as the Zugspitz Ultratrail and the Stubai Ultratrail. Matthias Hoeter, founder and head of Medical Crew, explains the advantages of Ledlenser’s CRI lamps: “It is important for us to be able to judge the participants in real colour spectra. The visibility on the skin is actually better and more natural with these lamps, because it hardly reflects at all when the skin is wet”.

For these and many other applications Ledlenser also offers the Natural Light technology. The portfolio currently includes four special CRI lamps. Ledlenser is therefore one of the few manufacturers of mobile LED light to offer this technology. The flashlights from the i9 CRI, i9R Iron CRI, i4R CRI industrial series and the iH7R CRI headlamp are tailored to the needs of quality inspectors, industrial workers, electricians and doctors. These lamps reproduce colours absolutely naturally even in the deepest darkness. The natural light technology of the Ledlenser CRI series produces a neutral white light with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90. These values guarantee true colour rendering, even in the deep red colour range.

This makes the products of the CRI series an irreplaceable companion for all those who have to rely on their eyes at all times to deliver a 100% accurate result – in the trade as well as in rescue services or industry.

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