ML6 Warm Light Lantern


The ML6 Warm Light outdoor light with soft white light creates a cozy atmosphere. Thanks to the latest micro prism
technology it provides efficient, glare-free and targeted lighting. The lantern features a power bank function, two hooks,
removable base and magnet, making it perfect for anywhere. The ML6 Warm Light is the perfect light source for
comfortable outdoor evenings.
The efficient camping lantern with warm white light from Ledlenser ensures the most modern lens technology for
a glare-free illumination and a cozy atmosphere
With three switches for intuitive and easy operation, a built-in battery indicator, and lighting that can be smoothly
dimmed and brightened
Power bank with USB connection for recharging electronic devices like cell phones, etc.
Fluorescent elements to make it easier to find the light in the dark
Rubber hook for hanging the light, integrated magnet for mounting it on metal surfaces, and a removable stand
with an extra built-in metal hook that can be flipped out to provide more light mounting options

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ML6-Warm Light
ML6 Warm Light Lantern


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