The new Powercase - the transport box with powerbank function

New features and colours for the MH3, MH5, MH7 and MH11 headlamps

June 2020: Ledlenser, the German lighting specialist, is giving its MH product range of headlamps a comprehensive feature and colour upgrade. The MH5 is now equipped with the practical Magnetic Charge System, which makes charging even more convenient. In addition, it also now sports a red light feature to maintain night vision. The three fresh colour versions black-yellow, black-orange and black-blue are newly available for the MH3, MH5 and MH7; the flagship MH11 is newly available in black-orange. All innovations are based on extensive customer feedback. Ledlenser is also presenting the Powercase as a practical accessory that enables the headlamps to be carried safely and, at the same time, offers the option of charging them during transport.

The popular MH5 headlamp has undergone a major upgrade with updated features for 2020. The additional red LED light on the front side is an important new feature, e.g. for maintaining night vision, and will appeal to demanding users in the outdoor community. In addition, the MH5 is now equipped with the Magnetic Charge System, which enables convenient charging via magnetic contact without having to remove the battery from the lamp. Frequent travellers to remote regions will also appreciate being able to operate the MH5 with a standard AA battery. With a light output of 400 lumens, the MH5 achieves lighting ranges of up to 180 metres; optionally, the low-power mode achieves a lighting range of 40 metres with 20 lumens of light output. The MH5 is seamlessly focusable thanks to the Advanced Focus System. The lamp head can be easily clipped off and flexibly attached with the integrated metal clip. At 94 grams, the MH5 is a true lightweight and the ideal outdoor all-rounder.

Upgraded MH Range

The new Ledlenser Powercase is a transport box and power bank in one: the elegant textile pouch enables the headlamp to be securely transported. At the same time, the transported lamp can be conveniently charged using the integrated Magnetic Charge System. The battery has a 5.000 mAh capacity. In addition to the integrated charging of the compatible MH4, MH5, MH7 and MH8 headlamps, the Powercase also offers the practical option of being able to charge other electronic devices via the external USB port.

Upgraded MH Range

The MH11 is the flagship in Ledlenser’s MH range of head torches. In model year 2020 it will now also be available in black and orange. The features provided by the lamp for the most demanding applications remain unchanged. Thanks to the Ledlenser Connect app, it offers a variety of useful functions. These include assigning individual switch profiles and features such as the timer, interval function and SOS distress signal. With up to 1000 lumens in Boost mode and 750 lumens in power mode, the Ledlenser MH11 achieves an enormous light ouput. In Optisense mode, the MH11 automatically adapts to the existing lighting conditions. An RGB LED also provides light in red, green or blue colours, making the MH11 an individual all-round talent for the highest demands.

Upgraded MH Range

The MH7 is aimed at demanding users who want to have sufficient power reserves for various applications. In addition to a light output of 400 lumens and a lighting range of up to 180 metres, it features an additional Boost mode that can temporarily provide up to 600 lumens and a lighting range of up to 200 metres. In addition, the MH7 offers two further dimming levels and a Blink function. The additional red LED light and the Advanced Focus System round off the extensive package of features. The MH7 is also charged with the practical Magnetic Charge System and can optionally be operated with conventional AA batteries. As with the other MH models, the MH7’s lamp head can also be removed and thus offers a wide range of applications as a handheld lamp. The transportation lock prevents the lamp from being turned on inadvertently while in the backpack waiting to be used. The additional strap on the headband, which runs over the head, increases stability, but can also be easily removed at any time.

Upgraded MH Range

The MH3 is an inexpensive entry-level model with considerable features. With 200 lumens of light output, it achieves a lighting range of up to 130 metres. In addition, the MH3 has a low-power feature which, with 20 lumens, can still achieve a lighting range of up to 40 metres. The Advanced Focus System allows the light beam to be seamlessly focused with one hand. The MH3 is powered by the supplied AA battery or alternatively by an optionally available lithium-ion battery. Overall, the all-round headoffers a better-thanaverage performance package and weighs just 92 grams.

Upgraded MH Range

Natural light colours for reliable working

LedLenser CRI

CRI lamps from Ledlenser offer significantly improved light properties compared to conventional LED luminaires.

Solingen, June 2020 – Bright torches or headlamps are indispensable for many areas of work. In terms of colour rendering, the light of an LED luminaire usually differs greatly from the natural light of the sun or even that of a light bulb. This has to do with the fact that this artificial light does not contain all spectral colours. In most cases, it is easy to accept that the colour of the illuminated objects is not reproduced one hundred per cent true to life. For some activities, however, natural light is very important in order to be able to work accurately and faultlessly. If the light is similar to daylight, you can work longer under artificial lighting without tiring your eyes. The Solingen-based company Ledlenser has developed CRI lamps precisely for this purpose.

CRI is the abbreviation for “Colour Rendering Index”. This index describes how naturally the colour of an object is represented under light and is an important quality feature of artificial light. The ideal reference value is sunlight with a CRI of 100. Ledlenser’s CRI lamps have a value of 90 – in contrast to CRI 70 for a “normal” cold white LED lamp.

Many workers in the industrial and craft sectors need lamps with natural light. High precision is particularly important during testing. Weak points can be made more visible with CRI lamps. This applies, for example, to mechanical and plant engineering, especially to pressure equipment and steel piping. During the visual inspection of welds, impermissible oxidation layers, which can lead to rust in the long term, can be detected much better. In the transport sector, CRI lamps are used for the safety inspection of bridges, the maintenance of trains and aircraft or in the automotive industry for vehicle inspections or paintwork. Natural light helps electricians to distinguish between coloured cables and wires.

CRI lamps are also used in medicine. This is confirmed, for example, by the members of Medical Crew. The Allgäu company provides medical care at numerous renowned sporting events, such as the Zugspitz Ultratrail and the Stubai Ultratrail. Matthias Hoeter, founder and head of Medical Crew, explains the advantages of Ledlenser’s CRI lamps: “It is important for us to be able to judge the participants in real colour spectra. The visibility on the skin is actually better and more natural with these lamps, because it hardly reflects at all when the skin is wet”.

For these and many other applications Ledlenser also offers the Natural Light technology. The portfolio currently includes four special CRI lamps. Ledlenser is therefore one of the few manufacturers of mobile LED light to offer this technology. The flashlights from the i9 CRI, i9R Iron CRI, i4R CRI industrial series and the iH7R CRI headlamp are tailored to the needs of quality inspectors, industrial workers, electricians and doctors. These lamps reproduce colours absolutely naturally even in the deepest darkness. The natural light technology of the Ledlenser CRI series produces a neutral white light with a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin and a colour rendering index (CRI) of 90. These values guarantee true colour rendering, even in the deep red colour range.

This makes the products of the CRI series an irreplaceable companion for all those who have to rely on their eyes at all times to deliver a 100% accurate result – in the trade as well as in rescue services or industry.

LedLenser Wartrail Challenge


This weekend sees the start of the 2020 Ledlenser Wartrail Challenge in the iconic Witteberg Mountains in Lady Grey, Eastern Cape. The event starts on Saturday 15 February and promises a non-stop long weekend of fun and adventure.

“This event is a true test of your adventurous spirit with day 1 featuring a 60KM high altitude wilderness run following part of the SkyRun Route, day 2 a 120km mountain bike ride with 2600m of climbing and a serious hike a bike section through a remote gorge and day 3 a 70km paddle down the mighty Orange River,” says event organiser, Michael de Haast from Pure Adventures. “Every year we hope that everyone taking part discovers their reasons for loving what they do, to reaffirm the suffering, the dedication and the discipline to have the ability to test themselves against extreme wilderness conditions and come out better, richer individuals. Results are not important, there isn’t even a medal, the reward is the journey!”

If the 3 day stage option doesn’t sound tough enough for you, you can always choose the Wartrail Non-Stop version that includes a144km MTB ride and the legs done back to back. The event does also cater for those slighter tamer souls who are keen to get into the spirit of the race but would only like to take on individual legs of the route.

The event, which started in 2000, attracts some of the biggest names in the sport with past winners including Rhys Vorster, Graham Bird, Leo Sorenson, Jeanette Walder, Tatum Prins and trail runner Christiaan Greyling as well world class Adventure Racing teams like DSV Cyanosis and the Ledlenser racing team.

To track the event and athletes live please follow wartrail.sportraxs.com

For more information please visit www.wartrailchallenge.co.za

Facebook – @LEDlenserwartrailchallenge

Twitter – @pureadventures

Led Lenser Wartrail 2019

Led Lenser Wartrail 2019

Monday 6:27am: A look of confusion and shock was clear on Dirk’s face as he looked back towards me while hugging the up-side down kayak with his left hand and the paddle with his right, half way through the first rapid of the day. I suspect the confusion part is due to the fact that I told Dirk I have been down this stretch of river (with the same kayak) many times before and that I never had to take a swim. The shock part could be attributed to the cold dark muddy water as the sun has not yet reached into the canyon at that hour. We were about 4km into a 60km paddle, this was day three of the Led Lenser Wartrail Challenge.

My race partner (Dirk Immelmann) a formidable trail runner and a ‘no-fuss’ ‘hard-as-nails’ type of guy agreed a few months earlier to do the Wartrail Challenge with me in a team of two, since I am a firm believer that life is better in a team. This meant we had to finish each leg together.

For those of you who are familiar with the Witteberg Mountain range, Lady Grey or have done any of the ‘Pure Adventures’ events in this area will agree that the weather is always extreme come race day. I have ran in snow (in summer), in hail the size of golf balls, I’ve experienced sleet in the morning and thunderstorms in the afternoon and the 2018 edition of the K-way Skyrun was marked by extreme drought and heat.

Click to read the full article by Grobler Basson


Trails in Motion

Solingen/Munich, January 2019: The Solingen-based light specialist maintains its commitment in the trail running scene and will remain principal sponsor of the international Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour until 2020. First presented in South Africa in 2013, the film tour is meanwhile a global event. The film tour presents a selection of the best trail and ultra-run films in the original version. Premiere of the new film tour is on 23 January in the USA.

“We are convinced that the enthusiasm for trail running will continue to grow also in the coming years. For this reason, we have extended our partnership as principal sponsor of the Trails in Motion Film Tour by another two years to 2020. Our aim is to offer running communities across the globe inspiration and motivation for new running adventures by way of local screenings,” Silke Hemminger explains, Sports Marketing Manager Ledlenser. This view is also confirmed by the development of the film tour’s audience figures. Launched in South Africa in 2013, by 2018 the film tour was already attended by 30,000 guests in 30 countries. Ledlenser has been the principal sponsor of the film tour since 2017.

Ledlenser also uses the film tour to activate retailers, Hemminger says. “We support our retailers in organising a screening of the film tour for their community. Together with the headlamp run, this ensures a great experience for enthusiastic runners whilst at the same time strengthening the relationship between running community, retailer and our brand.”

James Hallett, World Tour Director: “Our aim is not only to raise awareness of trail running films. Rather, it’s about creating a unique community experience for the thousands of people who take part in the events all across the globe.” The world premiere of the 7th Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour will take place on 23 January 2019 in the USA with 3 consecutive events in Boulder (Colorado), New York City and Redwood City (California). The flexible concept allows a wide range of possible screening venues: Whether retailers, running clubs, individual persons or event organisers – films can be screened anywhere subject to prior registration. The licence fees are levied depending on the size of the venue.

In Germany, Austria and South Tyrol, as of this year, Markus Eigentler from Alp-Con has been responsible for organising cinema screenings. “With the Ledlenser Trails in Motion Film Tour, we expand our portfolio of the best bike, mountain and snow films to now include trail running,” Eigentler says. The Alp-Con Cinema Tour is meanwhile shown in over 60 cinemas.

Further information on the film tour at:


Ledlenser wins German Brand Award!

Led Lenser Award

Ledlenser shifted its focus to sport and outdoor activities just under two years ago. The lighting specialist then began introducing new product developments to the market – such as the XEO 19R and the SEO and NEO series – for extreme sport and outdoor sport athletes as well as runners. Its decades of expertise were evident from the top quality, functionality and operation of the torches and headlamps. The company also directed its brand management, communications and marketing activities at a new target group.

Ledlenser now has its own PRO team consisting of eight national and international top athletes including Florian Neuschwander (long-distance running), Darren Berrecloth (freeride mountain biking) and Eric Hjorleifson (freeskiing). Furthermore, to firmly anchor the brand among a young, sports-minded target group, Ledlenser also sponsors a range of major sporting events such as RedBull XAlps and Salomon Alpen X100 as well as a variety of mountain biking and running events. The ambitious brand approach has been crowned with success, evident from key indicators such as brand popularity, brand worth and market share. A top-class jury for the German Brand Award recognised Ledlenser’s excellent sustainable brand management and presented it with the prestigious “Industry Excellence in Branding” award in the category of “Sports, Outdoor Activities & Leisure”.

German Brand Award
The German Brand Award only honours the best: innovative brands, consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication – pioneering individuals and companies in the world of brands. The Award reveals and presents unique trends and promotes not just the winners but also the entire brand business.

The jury
– Chair: Andrej Kupetz, general manager of the German Design Council, Frankfurt
– Dr Saskia Diehl, managing director of GMK Markenberatung, Cologne
– Richard Gaul, communications consultant, Werder
– Prof. Tobias Kollmann, professor of e-business and e-entrepreneurship, University of Duisburg-Essen; chairman of the Young Digital Economy of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Duisburg
– Günter Moeller, managing director of hm+p Hermann, Moeller & Partner, Munich
– Prof. Mike Richter, professor of strategy and planning in design processes, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, managing director of iconmobile GmbH, Berlin
– Prof. Simone Roth, professor of international marketing, vice president of the Brand Academy, Hamburg
– Christian Rummel, deputy global head of brand communications & CSR, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt

German Design Council – the initiator
The German Design Council was conceived by the German Federal Parliament and is
financed by German industry. With the goal of increasing the competitiveness of German
companies, Ludwig Erhard initiated a bipartisan resolution 65 years ago in the German
Federal Parliament to establish a council for design. This council was financed in 1953 by
the Federation of German Industries and is one of the world’s leading centres of expertise
in communication and knowledge transfer in the fields of brand management and design.

LED LENSER Introduces New Cutting-edge Technology in the XEO19R Headlamp

LedLenser Award

LED LENSER has designed a groundbreaking and versatile headlamp for the ultimate adventurer. The XEO 19R headlamp is the first of its kind with a bright 2000 lumen output in two independently operated LEDs, state-of-the-art technology, and transformative design that allows the user to wear, carry and mount the light comfortably for all situations.

Holding two separately controlled LEDs, the XEO 19R’s patented structure will allow easy independent manipulation of each light. “The ability to focus and control each lens freely lets you design the light for your activity,” said Chris Currah, LED LENSER Product Manager. “You can decide to have one light on spot and one light on flood, or you can choose to have both on the same setting for a more defined spot or flood beam.”

The XEO 19R was created with a new user-friendly dynamic control pad that lets the operator easily adapt the light between settings. Light modes and brightness can be changed with the use of the five intuitive programmed buttons on the top of the light, making lighting favourite activities simpler than ever.

The XEO 19R will also introduce three new advanced features including a USB charger and power bank, OPTISENSE™ technology and an air intake chamber. The remarkable USB charger and power bank will let the consumer use the headlamp battery to charge a phone, GoPro®, or other electronic devices on-the-go. OPTISENSE™ technology uses an integrated brightness sensor to give the light the ability to measure the output needed in real-time and then adjusting accordingly. The air intake chamber was designed to allow air to enter into the headlamp as the user moves, cooling the LEDs so the XEO 19R will maintain peak performance and brightness for longer.

“We wanted something that can be used without the user worrying about switching between modes or features at a moment’s notice,” said Currah. “It’s one of our most sophisticated headlamps, letting you effortlessly control the light for your needs during any activity.”

The XEO 19R headlamp will include a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, optional extended power cord and run for up to 40 hours. It is designed with IPX6 splash-proof housing, and is backed by our industry-leading 5-year warranty. The XEO 19R also has a variety of mounting accessories that can be used in a number of original ways: like clip it to a belt or bag, transform it to a handheld flashlight, mount it to a helmet, or even attach it to a bike during a ride.

The most powerful, compact flashlight to hit Led Lenser: F1R

LedLenser F1R

This innovative light is equipped with an impressive 1000 lumen output. It also comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and IPX8 waterproof housing all squeezed into a 11.5cm light. Functional features include a USB port charger, tactical ring for breaking glass and a variable clip which allows the user to pin the light to surfaces in either direction.

“We really wanted to take the brightness and rechargeable features of our most powerful lights and pack it all into our popular F1,” said Chris Currah, LED LENSER Product Manager. “Then a multitude of people can use the F1R: tactical, professional, even the everyday consumer can use this light for different reasons. It’s an impressive little light you can have anywhere with you.”

The F1R is now available in stores!

New Led Lenser Headlamp Range! Introducing the NEO…


Brand new to South Africa is the Led Lenser NEO, a very handy light for anyone who likes to see and be seen in the dark.

Available in five funky colours, the Led Lenser NEO is a modern, innovative and lightweight headlamp with an ergonomic design which gives different options for lighting and dimmable brightness.

The compact and light design turns the Led Lenser NEO into the perfect companion to take along anywhere you go – from walking the kids to school early in the morning, camping with the family, jogging and walking, to hiking, trail running, inline skating, skateboarding and cycling.

It also offers some features that the more technically minded outdoors and fitness person will associate with the accustomed Led Lenser quality.

But it’s not just for outdoor sports and fitness fundi’s. The Led Lenser NEO is also ideal for use around the home – whether you need an emergency light during a black-out, walking the dog at night, or whether you’re into DIY, crafty hobbies or reading in the dark.

Says Bruce Woodroffe, MD of Awesome Tools: “The vibrant colours will make this a real trendsetter and a lot of fun since it can also be co-ordinated with current sport fashion trends.”

The Led Lenser NEO will be available in South Africa from September. It will be available from select outdoor and sports retailers.