Led Lenser launches four colour torch: P7QC


The lighting performance of the LED LENSER® P7QC is extraordinary and opens up new application options. Multi-coloured light has become essential, for example, as a signal in road and traffic situations as well as in the military. It is also useful for hunters, pilots and Special Forces as coloured light helps to ensure that night vision is maintained.

The new LED LENSER® P7QC (the QC stands for Quattro Colour) covers the needs of a variety of users with a total of four colours (red, green, blue and white). Green light makes it easier to observe wildlife, to feed or hunt wild animals since this wavelength range is almost impossible for animals to see and they are therefore not disturbed by it. In combination with red light, green light is also very useful for signalling (red/green – stop/go). Red light has the lowest frequency and the longest wavelength so your eye does not react much to it preserving your night vision. Blue light makes fluids such as blood or sweat appear black. This provides a higher contrast than with white light so evidence of this sort can be recognized more easily. This light is ideal for forensics work. It offers the option of selecting colours by simply rotating the torch head to the desired colour (this works while lamp is on or off).

The 220 lumens that the LED LENSER® P7QC provides in white light mode also makes it an ideal pocket torch suitable for everyday use. The brightness levels and flashing functions can be regulated individually in every colour thanks to the Smart Light Technology (SLT). A new kind of prism diffuser in this torch also ensures optimum light distribution in all wavelength ranges that can be set.

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