Leatherman Expands Wearable Multi-Tool Series with TREAD Plus Watch

Leatherman Tread Plus Watch

Responding to customer demand, Tread™ Plus Watch including Tread LT debut

Portland, OR — November 21, 2017 — It’s high time for this product introduction from Leatherman. This summer, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. will debut the long-awaited TREAD™ Plus, a watch-meets-multitool to have on hand for the expected and unexpected. Known for its ingeniously designed multi-purpose tools, Leatherman is further expanding the collection of wearable tools with the TREAD™ LT which is 20 percent narrower and 10 percent lighter than the original TREAD. Fans have been clamoring for both the watch and a smallerversion of the original TREAD which first hit the market in fall 2015 as the world’s first wearable tool.

“The idea for the TREAD originated on a trip to Disneyland with my family,” said Ben Rivera, president and CEO of Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. “I was stopped at the gate by security for carrying my Skeletool, which has a blade. I was unwilling to give it up, so I took it all the way back to my hotel room and spent the rest of our trip thinking up ways to carry a multi-tool with me that would be accepted by security.”

When he returned from his trip, Rivera, who began his tenure at Leatherman Tool Group in 1991 as an engineer, began by wearing a bike chain bracelet to see how it would feel. As the design concept took shape, he brought his idea to the engineers at Leatherman who helped fast track his plans. Leatherman had intended to launch the TREAD with a time piece, but the engineering team had to go back to the drawing board to ensure the watch could withstand the torque placed on the link tools in the band. This November, Leatherman delivers on time with the TREAD PLUS.

Leatherman Tread Plus Watch


This unique and much anticipated watch combines a TREAD band with interchangeable multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel link with a premium, Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. The timepiece shows the time and date and has a rotation unidirectional diver’s bezel, glow-in-the-dark hour markers and hands (stainless only). A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility. The watchband comes with six links with the following tools: 3/32″ Screwdriver, 6mm Hex Drive, 4mm Hex Drive, #3 Square Drive, #1 Square Drive, Pozi-Driv #3. Three more interchangeable links are included: 8mm Box Wrench, Pozi-Driv #2, and 11mm Box Wrench. It is water resistant up to 200 meters, TSA-friendly, and adjustable both in link choices and wristband size in 1/4″ and 1/2″ increments. The clasp can also adjust by 1/8 inch. It comes in stainless steel and black and with a five-year battery warranty, two-year movement warranty, 25-year band warranty. It is perfect for the job site, through airport security or out on the town.

Leatherman Tread Plus Watch


The TREAD LT is 20% lighter and smaller than the original TREAD and comes with the following link tools: 3/32″ Screwdriver, Cutting Hook, 6mm Hex Drive, 4mm Hex Drive, 8mm Box Wrench, #3 Square Drive, #1 Square Drive, Pozi-Driv #2 and 11mm Box Wrench. It is also TSA-friendly and comes in stainless steel and black and carries a 25-year warranty.

In all of the TREAD products, each complex link is metal injection molded for strength and intensity. The bands are crafted to be fully customizable with slotted fasteners, so the user can rearrange links, add new ones, or adjust for wrist size to ¼ inch. Even the clasp is functional with a bottle opener and #2 square drive.

As with all Leatherman products, both new TREAD styles come with a 25-year warranty.

“I began wearing prototypes myself to test comfort and usability, and to ask for feedback,” said Rivera. “Folks immediately associated the design with a watch and asked, where’s the watch? It took us a little longer to perfect the watch version, but we’re glad to finally deliver it to our avid fans.”

About Leatherman

Founded in 1983, Leatherman is the world’s largest manufacturer of tools that prepare people for both expected and unexpected challenges, journeys and adventures. Founder Tim Leatherman’s real life experiences inspired him to build the world’s first multi-tool, and his dedication to quality engineering and craftsmanship has driven Leatherman for more than 30 years. The Oregon-based company distributes its high quality Leatherman multi-tools which are manufactured in Portland in more than 86 countries. For more information about the original American multi-tool, visit www.leatherman.co.za.